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61: Marketing a dirty word?: Strategies for selling and marketing without fear

July 24, 2023 Claire
Vivien Claire Podcast
61: Marketing a dirty word?: Strategies for selling and marketing without fear
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So, picture this – you decide to take a leap of faith and dip your toes into the world of camping trips with the fam, all while juggling some new job responsibilities. It's been wild, let me tell ya! Join me as I spill the tea on our hilarious and eye-opening escapades from our recent summer camping adventures. And guess what? My hubby's new gig brought some unexpected twists to the game!

Now, you ever stop and think about how marketing and selling isn't just about businesses, but can actually impact our everyday lives too? Let's dive into that rabbit hole together! I've got some valuable insights and tips on planning timelines, teasing those upcoming sales, and keeping it real and authentic. No fake vibes here! I'm drawing from real-world examples and hook you up with the know-how to market with a genuine touch, making your grind more relatable and fun.

So, whether you're hustlin' as an entrepreneur, juggling parent life, or just lookin' for some life hacks, trust me, this episode has got it! I'll drop some real experiences, some solid advice, and we'll all have a good laugh along the way. Can't wait to see you there! Let's get it!

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Speaker 1:

Hello, and welcome to another episode. I so glad that you are here and this episode literally is not even in my, like, content calendar of things I wanted to talk about, but I made a post on Instagram yesterday. And I was like, You know what? I need to address this on the podcast. But before we get into it, how are are you? How is everybody? And I'm obviously asking that retorically because you can't talk back to me, which is something I wish there was a way, you know, that podcast we could get live feedback. I guess that's why you see a lot of podcast host will do live episode recordings or record it. They'll be on Instagram live as the recording. But it is deep into summer. We are coming to the end of July. I cannot even believe it. It goes way too quick and we say that, I say that every episode, but it really is true. I know I talked to my last episode about camping with the boys and my husband got a new job. So the camping trips that we had scheduled we're still doing, but it's just me and the boys going camping. And we already did one trip. Yo, I was so anxious and so nervous leading up to this trip. Like, I can't even tell you. I was we have a tenth trailer and I was coming up with every reason on why I can't take the tent trailer. I was like, you know what? We're just gonna pack like a regular tent. And then I was like, no. A regular tent won't work. It'll be too hard to set up. And then I'm like, we'll just sleep in the car. Like, I was I was at the point where I was like, we're gonna sleep in the car. I bought keys. Like, screen covers that go over the windows so you can have the windows roll down at night and no bugs come in. Like, I was doing the most. None of that was gonna work. And my husband said to me multiple times, he's like, Claire, you can absolutely take the tent trailer, like, I mean, my husband's the one who usually always sets it up. He's like, there's no reason you can't learn to take it. Like, we're gonna take it out, we're gonna practice, you know, hitching it to the car, unhitching it, driving it around, reversing it into places, like, come on. I mean, my husband is definitely my biggest supporter. And I was definitely getting in my head. He's just, like, looking at me, like, girl, you do so many things. There's no reason that you can't learn to do this. Like, you're gonna take the tenth trailer, you're gonna camp, you're gonna be comfortable, We also have a thirteen year old. So it's like, it's not like he couldn't help. And I have a six year old also. And my six year old, it was so cute. He's like cranking up the tent trailer because there's like a wind you have to do to get it up. And I was like, bro, you're actually really strong. For six years old, and he was cranking up. It was really good. It poured rain at night, which kinda sucked because we're cramped into the tent trailer. I mean, it's not cramped, but we can't go outside and hike and whatever. But I was very thankful that we had the tent trailer and that we were not on the ground or in the car like my thirteen year old said to me, he's like, mommy, like, can you imagine if we were in the car for the time that it was pouring? So I was really grateful that, you know, my husband pushed me and that I stepped outside of my comfort zone. And, yo, I did it. Like, there was a couple of issues where it was just like, oh, I did this backwards or I have to do the steps smoother next time. But we got it done. Like me, my thirteen year old, and my six year old, We were out in these woods cranking up this tent trailer and it worked out. And when I talk about business, I'm always like, I can do hard things or fitness. And I tell my students, you can do hard things. And here I was in this moment doubting myself. And please, okay, it worked out. We have two more camping trips planned this summer. So one of them is further. So this camping trip we just went to was like an hour away. Our next one is two hours away, but it's supposed to be one of the most beautiful campgrounds. I'm really really excited because everyone I've talked to has gone there. It's like, yo, this is the spot. So I think it's gonna be really amazing with the boys and my oldest one loves to swim in like a lake a river pools also, but he just loves to be in the lake. So that'll be really fun. And then the last camping trip that we have planned for the summer It's also two hours away, but it lands on one of my husband's days off. So I'm thinking we might just drive really early in the morning, spend the day, have a campfire, do the whole thing, hikes, plan and then just drive home so that he can go in the morning. And so even that in my life, just talking about that is like a little bit of an adjustment. My husband has been self employed his entire, like, adult life, like, since he was eighteen. You know, he went to college and stuff for fitness and health. He's personal trainer. And he, like, right out of the gate, was, like, self employed. So he actually took a job working for a company, and it's such a good fit for him. Like, I am so happy and excited for him because it really is something exciting, but it's definitely an adjustment because being self employed and being someone who has run his own business for, like, let me think. Like, seventeen years now, you have a lot of flexibility and a lot of freedom to just kind of do whatever you want, like you've run a business for so long. But so this is a little bit of an adjustment for everybody, but it's really really good. And I'm very supportive of the new move. So that's kind of what's been going on. On this weekend, we have our big summer cook out. We've been running barbecues since my son was really small, like my oldest son since he was one years old. That was our very first big, big barbecue event and every year we've run something massive. So and when well, I guess it depends. It's all relative, but the barbecue's probably gonna be like seventy, eighty people. Like, it's pretty big. So I went shopping for that today, so I'm really looking forward to that this weekend. And this is kinda what's going on, what's up in my life, summer is definitely a time that I take some space to just like be with my kids and sit in my backyard and drink iced coffee. And relax a little bit. And having built the online part of my business up has really allowed me to do that because I take so many less clients. So having the online has been great in summer. I mean, I'm on social media because I have a content schedule, but I'm just way more flexible about it. Like, I'm, like, breezy. Easy breezy because we only have so many summers. And with my kids, I think, like, you know, my oldest son, I'm getting kind of sentimental, but I'm like, I've already had thirteen summers with him. Like, this is the only summer I will have with him as a thirteen year old and with my little one as a six year old. So it's important that, you know, I do the time with them. So that was a long intro. I'm looking at my recording. It's like been seven minutes. So let's get into what this episode is about. Okay. So as I mentioned, I feel like there's going to be a lot of episodes on this topic because it really is so vast and there's so many different levels to it. And I wanna talk about, you know, marketing and selling. And my most popular or in my top five most popular podcast episodes is how to sell without feeling slimy because people are terrified of selling in I think there's so many levels to it. Like, there's, you know, I don't feel confident that I can put myself out there. And then very closely related is people being nervous to ask people to spend their money with them. But if we don't market, if we don't sell, we'll never make any money. And marketing and selling goes through and through your entire life. Whether you own your own business or not, say you work for somebody, you go in an interview, you're marketing and selling yourself and your skills. Right? We're constantly telling people in the world on why they should bet on us, you know, why they should pick us even if there's not a monetary transaction. But if you're already in the service industry, you know, you've been marketing and selling and it's something if you can get it right yo, it just hits different for everybody. Because when your marketing message is correct, you're reaching the right audience who actually needs your stuff. When your marketing message is spammy or it's off a little bit, you know, you're talking to people who don't need your product. And some of them may buy it and not get results because it wasn't even the target audience, like, it's not gonna work for them, and that's not what we want. And that's what gets so lost in translation because we think marketing and selling is like this awful, like, slimy car salesman stuff, but it's not. When you're marketing, you're just telling people about something that you love, that you believe will help them further themselves to the next level. That's what it is. If you break it down like that, you're like, oh, it's not even a bad thing. And at the end of the day, people will spend their coins on what they want. So if they don't want your product, they're not going to buy it. You know, like, we don't have to worry about that. And how many ads do we see a day? We see ads and selling and selling and selling on Instagram every day, hundreds of ads we probably see. And do I delete Instagram? No is part of the package. So if I'm gonna follow a business, there's going to be times where they're marketing and selling to me because that's the nature of the game. They gotta make their money. Right? So I wanna give you a couple of my tips because Marketing and selling is actually something that I really really enjoy. When I launched my online courses, it's one of my favorite parts of owning a business because I all that hard work we did, you get to put it out there. So here are a couple of things. One oh, wait. Let me roll it back one second. So I'm just giving some general tips. Now, when you are launching specific things, you are gonna have specific targets. You know, if you were launching an online course, if you were launching an ebook, if you were launching an in person training, if you were launching your cookie business. Everything's going to be a bit different on how you choose to talk about it. But these are kind of gonna be an overarching theme of a couple of tips that I do that have really been successful. So let's start off with the first one, time lines. When we are going to be selling anything, it is good to have some sort of timelines in your content planner, your management system, whatever it is that you know, okay, this month, I'm going to be talking about this. Now if you are launching a course that is like, signature, like, you launch it once a year, you know you're obviously gonna have your launching runway and pathway leading up to that. But even evergreen courses that are available all the time, there are still points in the year where I'm like, okay, my message for August is going to be talking about my evergreen masterclass. So I know in August, I'm going to be bringing it up quite a bit. I'm gonna be talking about it, maybe dropping some samples, some little bits and tips, whatever. That's what I'm going to be doing. Right? So it's important to have kind of time lines or general ideas of when you want to be selling and marketing. So you can have it. Of course, you can drop a line whenever you want. Right? It's a casual way to do it when it actually comes up naturally sometimes, but it's important to have things leveled out because, you know, we need to be organized. Okay? Running a business has so many different streams to it. So being organized is really really key. Okay. Another thing, we're going with all the t's. So we did timelines. Now we're talking about teasing. And I love this aspect of it. I think it really softens the blow to us, not necessarily to our consumer or to our audience. But when we put it out there in advance that we're going to be talking about something that we're selling, when we go to talk about it again, we feel a little like I told them it was coming. I told them that I'm going to be selling to them. Right? So it makes us feel better for the consumer or the person that you're marketing to, you know, it does also help them because they're like, oh, yeah. Claire talked about this a few weeks ago. I remember her mentioning something about it. Or they might be like, Oh, to their friend. Oh, yeah. You said you wanna start an email list, Claire and her stories. Claire Hooper, she was saying something about, like, she's gonna be launching. She was at course or a webinar about email marketing, I'm not sure, but like you should go follow her and find it out. So that can happen too. Right? Little bits of information that you put out there. And how I would tease. So I will give you an example of what I would say. Let's say I'm talking about my confidence master class. I'll be like and I Also, I wanna mention, you have to use a real world example. Like, I wouldn't just make something up. I think in marketing, we really do have to have integrity about being true. So whatever you decide to say, I wouldn't just make up a story out of thin air. Okay? So maybe I'm having, you know, a one to one mentoring session with somebody and they're kind of talking about their confidence. So I'm like, oh, this story relates to my master class that your success is inevitable about confidence. So I might get in my stories and just kinda talk and be like, yeah, I was talking to one of my students today and we were going over a bunch of different things to help them watch their online course. And a theme that kept happening was the confidence. They were like, I don't know if I can actually put it out there. I feel a little bit frozen. And sometimes when I'm in this position when I'm doing something new, I can feel frozen too, and I realize there's things that I do, that help me get unstuck. And guys, if you have felt the same way, trust me. I have something coming down the pipelines. Okay? I'm not gonna say everything right now. I'm not quite ready to talk all about it, but if getting confident and moving out there is something that you have struggled with, I got you. Okay? Okay. So stay tuned. Keep that in the back of your head. And the student and I blah blah blah blah blah. Okay? Then I keep talking. So see how That was just a story, and then I kinda segmented into sales a little bit. Like, okay. Okay. I'll be even impressed with what I just said. But this is how we just kind of tease it and drop it a little bit. Okay? And it has to come from a real story and you wanna bring it into real life. So see how I mentioned what the problem the person might be facing was. I related it to my student. I related it to myself. And then I said, if you have also felt this way. So people feel a lot more comfortable being like, okay. I'm not alone. This is a common problem, and she's saying she might have a solution for it. I'm gonna pay attention for when she drops this this information. Right? I've even had people after those stories DM me and be like, hey, I know you're not ready to say everything yet, but can you, like, keep me posted, you know, let me know, and then in that instance, I would say, are you on my email list? See, see how is Rowling? So I know I said that it sounds very natural and it's something that I am good at, but it's not something people cannot become good at. Because if I look at when I launched my first course, I was not as natural at bringing that up and doing the teasing part of the selling. Another thing. K? We're gonna be talking. So we're doing all these. Timeline teasing talking about the problem. I kind of said that in the teasing part, but you wanna make sure that before you start selling something and marketing something that you're talking about whatever your product solves. Okay? Whatever your product, service, online course, whatever it is, what it solves you need to be talking about. You need to be talking about how you are the expert in that topic. You can talk about courses you take in. You can talk about real world experience. You can talk about student stories, success stories, how you go about solving this problem. You don't wanna tell them everything because you are solve selling the solution to the problem, but you wanna give little bits of information. It's so important. If I was selling a course about how to train your dog, okay, or my product. I'm selling dog treats. But I have only for the past six months that you've been following me on Instagram or been on my email list, I've only ever talked about cats. And now I'm selling you training or dog treats, you're like, I thought cats was your thing. We can't do that. So does it have to be your whole personality and your whole brand, the thing that you're the problem that you're solving? No. It doesn't have to be everything. You can be multi passionate and talk about different things. But it is important that it is in there and that people can recognize you for it. I sometimes will not talk about my email marketing courses for a long time. I won't have mentioned it. I won't have talked about it. You know, maybe I'm just slacking in my content calendar. I haven't put it out there in a while, and I will get DMs asking me clear You have an email marketing course. Right? Where can I find out about it? Or I have this quick email question. Can you help me with it? People recognize me. For email marketing, for online course creation, for being a loss artist and helping people in the beauty community. Right? I'm known for that and it's all those seeds that I have planted along the way. Okay? Which is the teasing, the planting of the seeds. And then we're gonna talk about the problem. Another thing that I'm gonna give you a hot tip on for selling is trying to keep it casual. I've heard people say, like, I put the friend filter on. You know, like, we're just having a quick conversation. And that's just how I talk in general. Like, if you've met me in real life, you're like, okay. Claire just likes to chop it up. Like, it's not that serious. I just like to have conversation. If that's not something that comes natural to you, if you're way more like black and white I'm trying to think of the term, like educational posts that are like this and this and this and this, it can be hard to get out of that and put yourself into a more casual space. So I encourage you to practice in the mirror, film yourself doing it refilm yourself, refilm yourself, you know. Being casual and having it more like a conversation, makes people a lot more comfortable depending on what the topic is. Right? Maybe you're like, okay. Well, my service that I'm offering is quite serious and I need to, you know, be step by step. Like, if I'm going in and I'm going to meet a doctor about my meet a surgeon about my heart surgery. Maybe I don't wanna be chopping it up. Maybe I don't want you to be casual. You know? Maybe I want you to be really straightforward as an like, that's a really out there example. So know who your audience is, know what your product is, But definitely, as you're going through the earlier steps, like teasing, talking about the problem, trying to keep it casual, can really be good, and then it's not so, hey, I'm clear, and I want you to buy my product for this and this and this reason. Like, that's that gets a little bit down the lines of spammy, people will get annoyed. You have like sales, the art of sales, it it really isn't art. It really is something that you have to learn over time. Even me, I have so much to learn in the skill. But I've made a lot of progress and that's though those tips are going to help you. I promise you. And practice, practice, practice, but remember marketing and selling is really just telling people about something that you have had success with and you want them to also have success with or that they will actually love. And if we stay true to that, If we just talk about products that we love like me, I talk a lot about untamed artistry. I love that lash brand. So when I talk about it, like, when I'm actually selling and I'm telling people what my affiliate links for the brand, like, you can tell I love the products because I do. Yes. I'm telling you about my code because I want you to save money. I also get a kickback from that, but I love it. You know, when I talk about citizen lashes, the DIY lashes, I love them. I actually use them in my life all the time. So that's really important. And my online courses, like, I know the power of email marketing. I know the power of getting confidence in your business. I'm passionate about it. I believe in it. So when we're marketing, when we're selling, make sure it's something that you really believe in. And that you actually use and it'll feel so much more natural to you and more natural to the person that you're marketing to. So take these tips, get in these selling streets. This will not be the only podcast episode about that. I promise you. There's a lot more I want to. Here's the teasing. Okay. I wanna talk about selling in your Instagram stories, a especially related to launching. I have this formula that has been working for me. Email list hands down is number one. But Instagram, if we can scoop up some sales there too, why not? And reach people who may be art being as diligent checking the emails with you. So until next time guys, stay bolded.

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